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Monday, 24 September 2012

Entry Point method of Telium application

void entry(void)   ---> In entry.c file
object_info_t info;
/// Recording services
ObjectGetInfo(OBJECT_TYPE_APPLI, ApplicationGetCurrent(),&info);
give_interface(info.application_type, NULL, NULL);
strcpy(," MhLottery ");
appName[OBJECT_NAME_LEN] = '\0';


Entry points are application’s functions lunched by the manager on events as :
– Reset
– Key pressed
– Clock (cyclic execution)
– Magnetic card swiped
– Smart card inserted
– File received
– It is also possible to create your own event using IAM mechanism…
Application must record services for all entry points at application boot
2 types of entry point (EP)
– Polling EP : Manager polls all applications (broadcast)
• Polling order is performed according to a defined priority
– Selecting EP : Manager gives focus to one application
At the end of each entry point, application must return to Manager

int after_reset(NO_SEGMENT no, void *p1, S_TRANSOUT *param_out)

– Activated on each terminal reset (Polling according to priority)
– No data coming from Manager
– Data to return to Manager
» If previous transaction was interrupted
– Application reset processing
• Check if cold reset (after downloading) or warm reset (no downloading)
• Initialise data and create disks
• Latest moment to call RegisterPowerFailure()
• Load and Open all mandatory Dlls
» Note that these 2 last cases Dll and RegisterPowerFailure() can also be moved to
entry() function, just after the service registering command.


  1. Hi,
    I'm working with an Ingenico Terminal EFT930.
    I have followed the guide "Getting start with EFT930G Terminal" in your blog, I want to change the port value for debugging. So, when I init he terminal, I press F key and I go to LDGB SETUP screen. I enter 5 for new port value, but it does not work. If I enter 0 or else value, it also doesn't work. Port value is always set to -1 when terminal is started, doesn't care the value I enter, it's always -1.

    Com port configuration
    • By default Com port: 0 is set.
    but After loading your simulator application , press repetitively at boot “0” for Com0 Serial Port use or
    “5” for USB use.
    Note -The simulation configuration can be executed in Run mode or
    Debug mode only.

  2. Sorry, I think you don't have understood me.
    I have installed MockUp SO in my terminal, OK.
    I turn on the terminal and press F on starting, for going to "LDGB Setup" screen.
    LDGB screen has this appearance:


    Port: -1
    New value:

    It doesn't care what value I enter in 'new value'. Next time I turn on the terminal and repeat the process, Port is always -1. I cant change this value.


  3. Download System.cfg file to the terminal

  4. Will somebody please tell me the whole procedure to download and debug a sample app in an Ingenico mock-up ict220 terminal


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