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Monday, 28 May 2012

Entry Point Of Telium application

Application entry point.
 * This file was automatically generated by IngeDev and must be filled out
 * by the developer.
 * Purpose :
 * Each time Manager calls an application, it generates only one service
 * call that reaches your application main with the corresponding service
 * number.
 * List of routines in file :
 * - give_your_domain : Return application domain.
 * - after_reset : Application reset processing.
 * -  is_name : Report application name to Manager.
 * -  is_state : Return application status (initialise or not).
 * -  idle_message : Dedicated to display idle message.
 * -  more_function : Dedicated to navigation menus.
 * -  keyboard_event : Return key pressed.
 * -  state : Print terminal content.
 * -  consult : Print daily totals.
 * -  mcall : Print call schedule.
 * -  is_time_function : Need pheripherals at the next call time_function()
 * -  time_function : Allow automatic execution of periodic functions.
 * -  is_change_init : Conditions for changing manager parameters?
 * -  modif_param : Manager reports parameters changing.
 * -  is_evol_pg : Conditions for application downloading?
 * -  is_delete : Conditions for application deletion?
 * -  file_received : Manager reports parameters file received from LLT.
 * -  message_received : Inter application messaging.
 * -  is_card_specific : Card needs a specific process?
 * -  card_inside : Transaction in progress for a specific card.
 * -  is_for_you_before : Is chip card as an ISO 7816-3?
 * -  is_for_you_after : recognise mag, smc or man card in order to be a candidate.    
 * -  give_interface : Services registration and priority.
 * -  entry : Call by OS for recording services and opening DLL(s).


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  3. hello dear.
    i am using safran morpho based ingenico iWB250 device
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    plz tem me API.

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